Diesel Engine AnalysisPortable Cylinder Pressure Analysis
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Portable Cylinder Pressure Analysis
For over twenty years the DK-2 set the standards for understanding and improving marine and power plant diesel engine performance. Now the latest DK-20 has raised the bar even higher with improved ease of use, portability and measurement accuracy. The Doctor family now consists of...

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Diesel Engine AnalysisOn-Line Cylinder Pressure Analysis

On-Line Cylinder Pressure Analysis
The DK-200 Engine Surveillance system is the latest innovation from Icon Research.  It is a powerful combustion system that allows you to continuously monitor your engines and have any issues alerted as they happen. The system has been developed with complete engine surveillance and flexibility...

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Diesel Engine AnalysisDiesel Engine Analysis Software
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Diesel Engine Analysis Software
Icon Research released a brand new version 6 software in 2014. Since its first release in 1994, the Doctor Analysis Software’s comprehensive analysis features combined with ease-of-use has made it first choice for thousands of diesel engine operators. A programme of ongoing development has ensured that...

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Diesel Engine Analysis

Portable Cylinder Pressure Analysis

Portable systems provide the simplest method of monitoring, requiring the minimum amount of installation wiring.