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The DK-200 Engine Surveillance system is the latest innovation from Icon Research.  It is a powerful combustion system that allows you to continuously monitor your engines and have any issues alerted as they happen.

The system has been developed with complete engine surveillance and flexibility in mind. As such 24 input channels are available which allows the addition of inputs from other instrumentation to read parameters such as exhaust temperature, vibration inputs and fuel flow/temperature simultaneously with cylinder or fuel pressure readings.

Installation is simple with all hardware contained in a single rugged box measuring 40cm x 50cm. A full colour touch screen makes setup easy and provides “easy to view” status screens in the engine room. All input data is gathered at the front-end, is processed and fed to an Ethernet link going to a hub which can network multiple systems. The hub is connected to a PC in the control room which runs the software application to display and diagnose engine reading from one or more DK-200’s in real-time.

An overall summary screen displays the status of all engines being monitored with a traffic light system using pre-determined programmable thresholds. If an issue is identified the user can “drill-down” to examine a specific engine or cylinder exhibiting a problem.

Ease of Use

 Doctor On-line Diesel Engine Analysis

On-line systems can be set to record readings automatically at pre-set intervals, can be set to give a reminder to record a test set, or a snapshot can be taken at any time by the click of a button. Meanwhile the system monitors the engine(s) 24/7 and a visual display is available at all times.

Readings can be transferred into the same software package as used by the portable Doctor.

Friendly Presentation

 Doctor On-line Diesel Engine Analysis

Presentation and analysis of results is done through Windows based software which is simple to learn and operate. The clear graphs, charts and tables can be printed at the click of a button. Zoom, Cursors and Overlays add to powerful analysis. Overlay any number of cylinders or any number of tests on a cylinder for immediate visual comparison.

The Main screen shows the overall status of all engines that are being monitored. From there, there are a variety of screens that show the condition of all the cylinders for he selected engine.

The History screen shows trend values for various parameters for multiple cylinders, allowing quick comparison of values. Similar information is available in the Histogram screen where bar graphs present the data in an easily understood format.

The Analysis screen shows live traces for the cylinders and it is possible to use many of the features that are available in the Portable system software, including data set selection, zooming, cursors, alternative trace types (pressure / angle, P V diagrams and rate of change of pressure plots).

Traces can be viewed live and will show exactly what your engine is doing in real time. Scalar data may be stored (such as the trend values) may be stored at a more frequent rate than trace data if required to save on memory in the PC.

Sensors and Pickups

To ensure the highest accuracy, especially for calculated power, only the highest quality sensors and pickups are used. The high accuracy pressure sensors have high temperature resistance and a long and stable operating life.

The on-line systems use a small, permanently connected pressure sensor that fits into an adapter that is fitted under the indicator cocks.

Pickup Configurations

Twin inductive crank pickups eliminate the effects of speed variation for the highest accuracy on main engines.Single inductive crank pickups give an economical oil and dirt immune system for generators and auxiliary engines.


Prompt Response:
Icon provides excellent support for Doctor systems. Should any operational problems be encountered, telephone support is available during office hours; however Email is more commonly used. Questions are normally answered within 24 hours. If the support extends into interpretation of results, a bureau analysis service is available.

Installation and Commissioning

International Service:
Installation and commissioning services are available through Icon and there are agents in several locations throughout the world who can supply installation and commissioning services.

Self Start Option:
Most of Icon’s customers self-start their Doctor systems. This is the most cost effective solution. Clear instructions for installation are provided and the software and database set-up are clearly explained in the software step-by-step guide.

Database Service:
To assist initial setup of the software, a database set-up service is available. When this option is selected, the Doctor system is delivered with a CD with a blank database for the ship. Initial results are then Emailed back to Icon for the trigger angle correction. The advanced mode in the instrument is set-up to match the engines on the ship. This option is the most cost effective and fastest way to start up a Doctor system. There is no need to wait for a convenient port or short sailing where an engineer could attend the vessel, and the corrected database file is normally Emailed back to the vessel within a couple of days of the initial readings being made.

Initial Results Check:
Icon offers a free of charge check of initial results. The vessel should send the first full set of results by Email to Icon and these will be reviewed, adjusted as necessary and sent back to the ship. If any major problems with the engine are seen, these will be mentioned in the reply message. This service is included irrespective of whether the database set-up service is being used.


Training Courses:
Although many marine engineers have seen “cards” and are used to interpreting them, the Doctor offers much higher resolution and detail. Icon’s training courses cover a simple 6 step analysis method that covers all major engine problems and gives a structured approach to analysis. Courses can be arranged at locations to suit the customer.


Icon offers a consultancy service for checking and analysing engines using the Doctor system.