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Portable Cylinder Pressure Analysis



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For over twenty years the DK-2 set the standards for understanding and improving marine and power plant diesel engine performance. Now the latest DK-20 has raised the bar even higher with improved ease of use, portability and measurement accuracy. The Doctor family now consists of the following instruments:

  • DK-20 Single channel compact portable system for full cylinder pressure analysis
  • DK-20/FV Dual simultaneous channel compact portable system for cylinder pressure plus fuel pressure analysis

All systems interface to the same highly regarded PC analysis software allowing a mixture of systems to be used throughout a fleet.

Ease of Use

Taking readings with the portable units couldn't be easier - just select the engine type (4-stroke or 2-stroke), connect up and press GO. Move the pressure sensor to the next cylinder and press GO again for the next reading. The DK-20 performs tests to ensure the correct cylinder is connected and the pressure sensor and pickups are providing valid readings.

Transferring the readings to the PC is easy too. With the auto-connect facility a whole engine's readings are transferred in a single operation. The Doctor instrument appears as a window from which test data can simply be “dragged “to the PC.

User Friendly Presentation

Presentation and analysis of results is done through Windows based software which is simple to learn and operate. The clear graphs, charts and tables can be printed at the click of a button. Zoom, Cursors and Overlays add to powerful analysis. Overlay any number of cylinders or any number of tests on a cylinder for immediate visual comparison.

More Capability

For low speed main engines, fuel pressure monitoring is available for checking the condition of fuel pumps and injectors. Snap pressure can be checked along with injection pressure, spill port closure angle and start / finish angles of injection. Propeller curve and Shop/Sea Trial analysis can be undertaken.

System Components


Sensors and Pickups

To ensure the highest accuracy, especially for calculated power, only the highest quality sensors and pickups are used. The pressure sensors have high temperature resistance and a long and stable operating life.

Pickup Configurations


Twin inductive crank pickups eliminate the effects of speed variation for the highest accuracy on main engines. Single inductive crank pickups give an economical oil and dirt immune system for generators and auxiliary engines. Optical crank pickups can be moved from engine to engine for full portability.

Set-up Service

To assist initial set-up of the software, a 'database set-up' service is available. When this option is selected, the DK-20 is delivered programmed with the engine information for the intended vessel.  As soon as installation is complete readings can be taken. A customised logbook is provided with the software (either downloadable or via USB flash key) which ensures results can be easily downloaded immediately after tests are run.  Initial results are then emailed back to Icon for review, comment and trigger angle correction.


Installation is very straight-forward and is carried out by the ship crew. All cables and junction boxes are provided by Icon Research along with a detailed installation guide on how and where to position pick-ups.